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Beaverton, Oregon

Beaverton, Oregon sits to the west of Portland. Located in the Tualatin River Valley, Beaverton has grown to be a vitally important, diverse and popular city in the Portland Metropolitan Area.

Beaverton is seven miles from Downtown Portland and offers residents and visitors a number of amenities and activities. Beaverton began as a small farming town, supported by the railroad in the mid-to-late 1800s. As more people arrived in Oregon by means of the Oregon Trail and other avenues, Beaverton grew. Today, Beaverton is home to major world-wide companies. The Nike World Headquarters is located in Beaverton, as well as Columbia Sportswear and Tektronix.

Some popular Beaverton Neighborhoods are: Five Oaks/Triple Creek, West Slope, Central Beaverton, West Beaverton, Sexton Mountain, Neighbors Southwest, South Beaverton, Highland, Greenway, Vose, Denney Whitford/Raleigh West.

Beaverton is known for its good schools, and residents will find a number of amenities to choose from. Central Beaverton hosts an excellent library, and the fall, spring and summer months see a weekly (and popular) farmers market in Downtown Beaverton. Residents will also find easy access to Downtown Portland on Tri Met's Max Light Rail System. With hospitals, medical centers, big box retailers, shopping at Beaverton Town Square and Cedar Hills Crossing, and a number of parks and recreation areas maintained by Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation, Beaverton stands as an excellent choice for those looking for good living, excellent real estate and a high quality of life.

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